Company Detour

Due to private interest from one of our investor groups we have decided to take time off from game development. We wish we could share more! Read more →

AI Pathing

Examples of our modified A Star algorithm (think the traveling salesman problem). The whole group will never repeat the same path solution as we have made each one have a different efficiency level when calculating solutions.   The more the simulation is run, however, the better each “person” gets in calculating the best solution. Read more →

Server Update

For those of you helping with the server OS testing, be aware that there is a major update being pushed tomorrow.   Unfortunately this update will require a reinstall of whatever game that you are using for the test (for most of you, Ark). We did want to take this opportunity to thank all of you for giving us such… Read more →

Mailing list

Hey everybody! As it seems like we are getting more and more info requests, we’d like to get a mailing list going. We aren’t talking about some annoying email list where you get mail every week clogging up your inbox telling you to buy our stuff. This will be a mailing list, instead, that gets you early access to early… Read more →

Graphics Update

We were lucky enough to be joined by a new graphic artist, Gabe, who does amazing work.


Feel free to stop by his website and check him out:


Here is some of the concept artwork for Somnium – 313 so far. Let us know what you think!



Dev Blog #2

We are terrible at updating this blog. The biggest update to Somnium 313 has been to our AI system. We have been reading about the research these brilliant guys have been working on and thus our deep learning AI was formed.   Our AI now has a point system of sorts to reward or punish the computer based on it’s choices in… Read more →

Dev Blog #1 The Legit crew have learned to type!

Here at Legit Unicorn we have been discussing starting a Dev Blog since the first line of code that was written. Unfortunately, each time it came up it was pushed lower on our list of things to do. Now that we are approaching our Kickstarter and have had a few inquiries regarding funding, it’s finally time to give a glimpse inside… Read more →

Leap Motion Update / Artist Search 2016

Vive integration has been finished as of today!  Since this process didn’t take as long as we were planning, we have decided to go one step further and add Leap Motion support.   We are pushing together the Alpha candidate’s final merge this week and will start bug testing in-house towards the end of this weekend.   Professional, hobbyist or… Read more →

Jump Effect Samples

We recorded a few examples of the jump drive effect we are going to use.  What’s your pick?

Development Updates

Just a couple of videos and screenshots for a few things we have been working on:

Orbital Escape Pod – Exterior

Orbital Pod - Exterior

Orbital Escape Pod – Interior

Orbital Pod - Interior