Dev Blog #1 The Legit crew have learned to type!

Here at Legit Unicorn we have been discussing starting a Dev Blog since the first line of code that was written. Unfortunately, each time it came up it was pushed lower on our list of things to do.

Now that we are approaching our Kickstarter and have had a few inquiries regarding funding, it’s finally time to give a glimpse inside the chaos that is our heads.

Today’s goal is to figure out a system that would stop the problem of clipping while in VR. For those of you that are interested in VR development but don’t have access to any gear should know – clipping can really ruin the VR experience for some. When we saw this presentation at VR/AR Summit, we knew exactly what our goal was.

Implementation is requiring us to recode The Lab Renderer (From Valve) shaders and it’s not a fun or quick process. Hopefully we will post video later today or tomorrow with our gains!