Dev Blog #2

We are terrible at updating this blog. The biggest update to Somnium 313 has been to our AI system. We have been reading about the research these brilliant guys have been working on and thus our deep learning AI was formed.


Our AI now has a point system of sorts to reward or punish the computer based on it’s choices in the environment. This will allow some creatures to be smarter than others. Some creatures will be vastly smarter due to them surviving longer and more “experience points”.


We are thinking of putting  together a web demo to show off the AI but we will have to see how much of a detour it would be to do this.


We have also transitioned off the UFPS asset to our own character controller, so that is a big deal as it was becoming quite an issue to incorporate the UFPS PC and VR controllers together without having to create a ton of duplicate code and call-outs.