Want to work with us?


We are adding a position to our team for a 3D graphic art designer to help with concept art and gameplay models.

  • Must have experience with UE5. VR experience is a plus. At least 2-3 years of experience or send us an example of your work if less. Impress us!
  • The person best suited for this role is to be someone who is a jack-of-all trades (textures, 3D modeling, environmental, lighting, animation). We aren’t looking to have completed art but we have a small team and need people that can work well under different roles. As our team expands you will have the option to specify what aspects you feel the most comfortable working with.
  • Telecommuting is fine with us as long as you can make regular conference calls and meet the expectations that are agreed upon.
  • Excellent documentation and communications skills are a must.

Our current project is themed as an off-world outpost with near Earth-like qualities.