A game universe is not complete without an intelligent system of consequences – so we’re building one.

Somnium-313 is a procedurally generated VR capable universe. Many games with the “open-world” concept limit the scope of how much the universe is affected by the player’s actions. We are designing a system that evolves and grows with the player’s progress. In our world, for example, clearing an area of too many trees might increase the risk of flooding. Raiding neighbors heightens the probability of retaliation. Overuse of resources carries direct environmental consequences. The choices the player makes directly determine how other people, creatures, and environments react.

We are creating an universe that interacts with you as much as you interact with it.



  • Procedural world generation
  • Voxel support planned
  • Multiplayer support planned for Alpha v2.5
  • Four biomes currently supported – arctic, jungle, plains, and mountain. Deep forest, and arid planned for Alpha v2.3
  • Detailed crafting system, with items and recipes added with each major version release
  • Prestige system that influences how people and creatures interact with the player
  • Aftermath system that influences how the world interacts with the player


System Requirements:


CPU: 2.4Ghz Dual Core


GPU: Nvidia 8800 GTX | Radeon HD 4770

User: One Humanoid


CPU: 3.0 Ghz Quad Core CPU or faster


GPU: Nvidia GTX 460 | Radeon HD 5850 or better

User: One Humanoid with three arms


For questions or comments please feel free to contact us here.