The HTC Vive Pre developer’s kit has arrived


We applied for the HTC Vive development kit about a month ago. After a lot of paperwork and e-mail communication, we were granted the Vive dev kit, and it arrived yesterday!

Most of our development up to this point has been with the Oculus Rift, and we didn’t expect the Vive to be much different… We were dead wrong. The Vive Pre feels much better on your head, and the motion tracking is amazing.

The built-in camera and chaperone system make the environment feel safe to move around in, which is a major plus for  combat secenarios. Later this week when the HTC SDK is integrated, we will post video of one of our developers in-game.

We would like to extend a huge THANK YOU to all the people at HTC and Valve for giving us the chance to perfect our game on this amazing piece of innovative VR equipment!


HTC Vive Pre Dev Kit

HTC Vive Pre Dev Kit